Removing active secondary hub
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Removing active secondary hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have an old secondary hub that has only a few robots connected to it and I need to remove it. There are queues and robots and who knows what else I have to remove. Is there documentation to show how to do this or do I have to start removing it and when I break UIM open a support ticket to find out how to remove it?


UIM 8.51 and above


1. Move robots from the hub to be removed. 
2. Delete all queues referencing the secondary hub. 
3. In the nas probe on the primary hub, delete all forwarding & replication referencing the secondary hub. 
4. In the nas probe on the primary hub, delete Name Services entry for the secondary hub. 
5. In the hub probe on the primary hub, remove the entry for the secondary hub from the Hubs tab. 
6. Uninstall all remaining UIM software from the secondary hub.