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Jobs scheduled in "Europe/Moscow" Timezone are off by one hour


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Scheduled Jobs set to "Europe/Moscow" timezone run 1 hour earlier then expected.


Component: APPMGR


Starting in 2015 the "Europe/Moscow" timezone area no longer observe DST. Check is Applications Manager's timezone list to see if this timezone has the observe DTS set to yes with the following sql:

select aw_use_dls from aw_timezone_list where aw_tz_name='Europe/Moscow';

If the value is set to Y for yes, disable it by setting it to N for No:

update aw_timezone_list set aw_use_dls='N' where aw_tz_name='Europe/Moscow';

Additional Information

This issue has been confirmed to be resolved with an update of Oracle's timezone data. Please contact your DBA on updating Oracle's timezone data to timezlrg_32.dat.