What is the best way to bring up CA Top Secret to the latest maintenance level ?


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What is the best way to bring up CA Top Secret to the latest maintenance level?


Component: TSSMVS


Options from easiest to hardest:
1. If you have Chorus Software Manager (CSM) formerly Mainframe Software Mainframe (MSM), you could apply the maintenance you downloaded and it will take care of the holdata for you. 

CSM is a GUI based mainframe application that allows you to download and install CA maintenance to your CA products. It allows you to apply maintenance with a few clicks of the mouse and it will resolve any prereqs/coreqs automatically. 

2. If you dont have CSM installed, you can use CA RS level to bring you up to a more current level. CA RS is a collection of PTFs that you stack on top of each other until you are at the latest level. 

Please see the following links about CA RS: 



3. Download all fixes from support.ca.com and manually apply the fixes via SMP.