REST API calls being closed with code 80


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We are currently experiencing an issue with REST API calls to get_info and other calls intermittently failing with the message “Code:80The session was closed by the remote host.” 

Some robots do not experience an issue, other robots may experience the issue intermittently, and others may experience the issue every time.

The issue is most likely to occur with robot 7.80 or later.


This is related to a change in behavior with certain asynchronous callbacks and an update is needed to resolve the issue.


Component: UIMWSR


1.  Ensure all robots in the environment are upgraded to 7.93 or higher.
2.  In robot.cfg for each robot, add the following config key in the <controller> section:
   reuse_async_session = 1
3. Download and apply the latest hotfix for webservices_rest from the UIM Hotfix Index.  Instructions for installation and release notes are located alongside the hotfix.

This will allow all robots to consistently respond to REST API robot callbacks.