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configure MTC Content Viewer to access CA View reports


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CA View r14.0 and MTC - CV 14.0

After logon to MTC Content Viewer, there is no report in the repository. I can find only an import utility CAHVMIG in the &CAI.CVDEJCL to migrate CA View repositories from DRAS config to MTC - CV H2 database. How to config MTC - CV to access to CA View repositories directly? From the documentation, DRAS is not required for OM WebViewer 14.0 and higher.


Component: WBVMTC


Correct, DRAS/CCI is no longer used in MTC-CV (Web Viewer v14).


In order to view reports in MTV-CV, you need to add the CA View Database as a repository to MTV-CV.

  • If upgrading from a previous release you can use the CAHVMIG utility to import repositories from DRAS.
  • You can define the repositories directly to MTC-CV via the Manage Repositories administrator function.

 You get to the Manage Repositories administrator function by clicking the gear/cog icon on the menu bar to the left.  It looks like this:


<Please see attached file for image>

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Note that the user must be an MTC-CV administrator to manage repositories.  Here’s the section of the doc that covers how to set up repository administrative authority:


And here’s the section of the doc that covers how to manage repositories:


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