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Insights integration - Xflow is not working after restart Jaspersoft


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Integration between SDM XFlow, Jaspersoft, and Datamart issue.

After restart Jasper services, the Insight integration stop working, when they give a click on the "Insight" button, nothing happens.


CA Service Desk Manager
XFlow, Insights


Customer executes XFlow re-installation process, but during this process, the server name was changed from <old_servername> to <new_servername>.

It provokes some XFlow registers to keep the old server name.

Reviewing the XFlow logs, we can see XFlow service is not starting rightly.

In the IncidentMS.log file the follow message is found:

WARN - <date> [a.remote.ReliableDeliverySupervisor] - Association with remote system [akka.tcp://[email protected]<old_servername>:<port>] has failed, address is now gated for [5000] ms. Reason: [Association failed with [akka.tcp://[email protected]<old_servername>:<port>]] Caused by: [<old_servername>]


NOTE: Take backup from mdb database before to do any change!

1) Select the xflowClusterSystem entries from l1admin_general_config:

select * from l1admin_general_config where config_value like '%xflowClusterSystem%'

Verify the rows display the right servername.

2) Default entry  for '%xflowClusterSystem%'  should be id=400001, if it has invalid value, it needs to be modified:

update [mdb].[dbo].[l1admin_general_config]
set config_value ='akka.tcp://[email protected]<new_servername>:<port>'
where id =400001

3) If any additional row has invalid name, take the id and delete the invalid reference:

FROM [mdb].[dbo].[l1admin_general_config] where id =XXXXX

where XXXX has the ID of the invalid value, in this case, 400051.

4) Restart services and test the integration again.

Additional Information

XFlow logs are found at:

<Install Drive>\CA\xFlow\APPS\logs