EML Import of Arabic mails fail Document Classification
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EML Import of Arabic mails fail Document Classification


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CA Data Protection (DataMinder)


When importing eml (internet email events) which contain Arabic text into Data Protection (DataMinder) r14.5 fail analysis against Document Classification policy triggers.

For example, when triggering on the following sentences;

نزل السعر لايبور
نزل سعر ايبور
نزل سعر كايبور

by configuring a Document Classifier with Parameter 8 text:

{نزل السعر لايبور}| {نزل سعر ايبور } | {نزل سعر كايبور }


CA Data Protection (DataMinder) 14.5


Some tightening of the Data Protection code was required to handle the encoding character set when the email body format was in HTML and to control the import failure of malformed eml files. 


FIX:RO93609 (incorporating Server_x64_14.5_HF0220 and Server_14.5_HF0219) has been released to address this issue.

After applying this fix, during import, malformed eml format files are moved to the 'FAILED' folder with a proper log message. In addition, conversion of eml text to Unicode was fixed to enable policy to match with the text.

FIX:RO93609 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (http://support.ca.com).


Additional Information

Orchestria, Orchestria APM, Orchestria EPM, CA DLP and CA DataMinder are all former brands for the product now known as CA Data Protection.