CA MIM 12.5 : MIM0095E Sytem dump taken MIM0095E MIMGR MSIERROR CODE=1120 issued by MIMEQDRV.MIMEQWNQ+045E
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CA MIM 12.5 : MIM0095E Sytem dump taken MIM0095E MIMGR MSIERROR CODE=1120 issued by MIMEQDRV.MIMEQWNQ+045E


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During normal activity of CA MIM it is possible to get System Dump with error message MIM0095E MIMGR MSIERROR CODE=1120 issued by MIMEQDRV.MIMEQWNQ+045E. 
Task remains active anyway.




The MIM0095E MIMGR MSIERROR CODE=1120 messages and dump occur when MIM has waited longer than 60 seconds for a user address space to process the "working ENQ" with GRS. 
If MIM is not posted within 60 seconds, it generates these messages and takes an SVC dump. In most cases this is the result of a system performance issue, rather than a GRS or MIM software defect. 


In CA MIM 12.5 PTF RO98490 is not specifically related to this particular incident, although it is good to have on. 

More generally, it has been seen that other products issued a global ENQ which MIM processed, then posted the task to perform its working enq, then MIM went into a wait. 
MIM sets a 60 second timer and waits for a brief time while the user task completes the enq. If the user task does not complete the enq within the timer period, MIM awakens and issues the MIM0095E message with CODE=1120 to identify the fact that there is a possible delay in the user address space. It is possible to intercept the involved product, looking at both the Syslog and System Dump got.

We have seen this frequently with IBM DFHSM and searching the IBM Support site, we have found  some relevant hits using loop and IEEMB836 as keywords. Following is one of the hits which discusses the use of  the DDCONS(NO) option in SMFPRMxx SYS1.PARMLIB member in order to avoid the loop: 

So, MIM is functioning normally in this situation, but it issued warning messages when it detected a delay in a user task in completing an enq.

In case of persistent problem Please open a case with CA Support providing the related documentation (tersed system dump, syslog, task joblog)