CA PPM - Jasper reports show empty shells design
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CA PPM - Jasper reports show empty shells design


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On multiple non-prod environments, some of the Jaspersoft reports shows only empty report design shell without any data. The reports files are exported from prod onto non prod environment and the reports are working fine in Production. Reducing the font size in the report's JRXML is solving the issue in non-prod environments. What is causing the reports to work fine in PROD but fail in non-prod? All environments have same configuration.


CA PPM Version - 15.3

Jaspersoft Version - 6.4


The font/layout is awry in one env but not the other.

Modifying the font size element in the jrxml is on the only rectification.

Using system fonts usually results in unacceptable changes in report format when the report is deployed on another system.

Subtle differences in font size and spacing can affect not only the appearance of the text but the layout of the report itself.

You may lose part of the text in a text element or the font might not be available at all.

Font extensions help avoid these problems:

* A font can be available in one operating system but not in another. In this case, the default font is used for the element, but it may not support the expected character set. *


The Java virtual machine can map logical font family names to different physical fonts.

* A font that is available in different operating systems can be slightly different from one operating system to another. To use font extensions, create the font extension (see chapter 9 of the Studio guide), then

1. On the machine hosting your JasperReports Server instance, enable font support by adding the following text string to your \WEB-INF\classes\ file:


You only have to enable font support once. 

2. Add the exported font set jar to your WEB-INF\lib directory. 3. Stop and restart your JasperReports Server instance. See the JasperReports Server Installation Guide for more information.