IDP Login issue with Chrome After applying CP3
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IDP Login issue with Chrome After applying CP3


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We are getting multiple "Request Fail" errors upon logging into Identity Portal when SSO is integrated after applying a Portal Cumulative Patch.


Identity Portal


This is due to SSO not configured to protect ‘jpg,png,jpeg,gif’ resources, Portal does not receive any authentication attribute and sends back 401 (unauthorized error) which is translated into ‘Request Fail’ on the UI, this is viewable on Web Browser console, on the Portal log you will see ‘Session not found’.


To resolve this issue you need to have SSO protect the ‘jpg,png,jpeg,gif’ resources. 

1) Add/Edit realm – ‘/sigma/rest/resources’ and set it to be ‘Protected’, make sure GET and POST rules are included.
2) Under Agent Configuration Object – set ‘IgnoreExt’ attribute value to ‘.class,.fcc,.scc,.sfcc,.ccc,.ntc,.css,.js,.woff,.woff2,.svg,.ttf,.eot,.json’.
3) Clear SSO cache