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Client Automation Reporter - ODBC or CSV export problems


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Client Automation Reporter has some problems to export report result using ODBC or CSV export.
Reporter is crashing during these tasks


Release: UASMGT60000-1402-Asset Management


A merge Fix exists to solve some problem in reporter. This fix resolves these problems :
1. Modified default report settings while exporting the report in csv format as per customer requirement.                 

2. <First> and <All> fields missing from inventory tree.
3. Crashing of scheduled reports while CSV export.
4. Crashing of reports while ODBC export
5. Crashing of reports while ODBC export where fields containing special characters
6. Execution of report does nothing when connected with a LDAP user.
7. Problem while creating report on heuristic scan.
8. Problems related to userprofile on groups and job container reports on user profiles

Please open a support case to request the fix :
T5SD179 for Client Automation 14.0
T5SD181 for Client Automation 14.0 SP1
T5SD194 for Client Automation 14.0 SP2