Why my Linux machines take several minutes to shutdown ?


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When the Linux machine is connected to the network it can take one minute to shutdown but if it's offline it can take several minutes.


When the system shuts down, a Jobcheck runs before stop CAF to connect to the Scalability Server to see if there are pending jobs marked to "run at shutdown" that is a feature only for Unix/Linux systems.
If the machine if offline, it does several retries every minute.


CA Client Automation - All versions
Unix and Linux systems


The shutdown time can be reduced by customizing the retries done by the Jobcheck if the machine is offline with the following configuration parameters under DSM > Software Delivery > Agent:
-Communication: Maximum number of initial retries (Unix) = 1
-Communication: Maximum number of retries (Unix) = 0

Important: setting the initial retries parameter to 0 will prevent even the initial connection so no job will be executed even if the machine is online as the first connection will not be done.

Both parameters are set to 3 by default.

The following Idea has been raised at the Communities to avoid the Jobcheck at shutdown completely if the "run at shutdown" is not used in the environment: