F5 LTM Extension questions not covered by doc
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F5 LTM Extension questions not covered by doc


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We have reviewed the doc for F5 at https://docops.ca.com/ca-apm/10-7/en/implementing-agents/infrastructure-agent/f5-ltm-monitoring/configure-f5-ltm-monitoring and would like to clarify a few points

- want to know about the iRule configuration. is it mandatory to have at least one iRule configured to achieved this F5 integration in APM?

- if we skipMonitor the iRule, can we still have the F5 component to appear in APM webview?

- do you have the list of supported F5 devices that compatible with this feature?

- for the F5 LTM integration, it connects to infrastructure agent right? how many F5 that one infrastructure agent can connect to?

- is there any limitation for the number of infrastructure agents that one server can handle?

- and can we install the infrastructure agent on EM collector machine?

- do you have the sizing document for infrastructure agent hardware requirements?


Component: APMAGT


 - If you do not specify the iRule you would still get metrics in the investigator but there would be no correlation on the APM Team Center Map if you don't want to have iRules to be monitored To skip Rules  include "Rules" in the property value for introscope.agent.f5. skipMonitorOn

 - We did not test specific devices and would expect to support all F5 devices.

 - This Infrastructre Agent is currently limited to one F5 per Infrastructure agent. The IA is a lightweight application. If you are only using it for F5 monitoring then the CPU load is low and the restricting factor will be available RAM. The heap size for the IA is configured by default to a max 512Mb. As a general rule though we do not recommend running agents on collector machines.