How to Change the Identity Manager's Welcome Message
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How to Change the Identity Manager's Welcome Message


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Example about how to change the Identity Manager's Welcome Message used on Ca Identity Suite Virtual Appliance 14.x version

Customer usually wants to personalize the Default Identity Manager Title . Changing the key mentioned on this example will affect both the main window title as well as the welcome message.


Symantec Identity Suite Virtual Appliance
Symantec Identity Manager Component


1. Login Identity Management Console ( https://IPAddress/iam/immanage/ ) and go to 


Home > Environments > identityEnv > Advanced Settings > User Console


2. From "Theme Properties" check the current value for "Icon Title" and "Title".

 both should be pointing to, ie: ${bundle=resourceBundles.FWDefault:key=global.icon.title}


Note : For English the file is :


3. Login as config user to vApp Linux Console and go to the following path :




4. Edit the file by using the command : 



  - the File should contains the following Lines :


# Framework Defaults

global.title=Identity Manager

global.icon.title=CA Technologies-Home

# for IM 8.1 SP2 backward compatability

console.productName=CA Identity Manager


5.  Change the Parameter Value for "global.title"

ie : global.title=MyNewTitle for Identity Manager

Save the file .


6. Any change on that file requires a restart of your application server, then  run :




7. Launch the  IDM User Console to Confirm the changes.