After applying roll-up 1, 17.1.01, Service Desk's forms aren't working
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After applying roll-up 1, 17.1.01, Service Desk's forms aren't working


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After applying a roll-up patch to Service Desk Manager system, the forms are not working correctly. For example, search as you type is completely broken.


Release: SDMU0M99000-17.0-Service Desk Manager-Full License


The problem may be caused if roll-up patch 1 is applied to a system that is running Service Desk Manager 17.0. If it's believed that the environment should be using 17.1, it's possible part of the 17.1 install failed, which may cause the issue.


1. Firstly, validate if the patch to upgrade 17.0 to 17.1 is applied (even if you are using a clean install of 17.1, this patch will be present).
Browse to the Service Desk Manager install folder, and open the file "*.HIS" in a text editor
* should be the hostname of the server
Search the file for a line like:
PTF Wizard installed GOA-167_CUM_C (USRD) RELEASE=17.1

If this is NOT present, then you must reinstall 17.1 to apply the needed files. If this line IS present, you may be experiencing another issue, and this resolution will not apply for you.

2. Use these steps to uninstall 17.1.01:

Make certain to follow the steps to remove the patch, and then run the Database Cleanup Utility

3. Run the 17.1 installer. It should automatically detect that 17.0 is installed, and will attempt to install only the patch to update the server to 17.1.
NOTE: The install process is similar to applying a cumulative patch, it will not perform a full application and database install during this process.

4. If successful, then apply the roll-up 1 patch to the system.