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Axa Server is not working - Opt Driver is full


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CA App Experience Analytics


AXA 17.3 server on-premise was implemented and it was found that the server stopped working.

A restart of the services was performed many times but it would still not start up. 

It was found that the partition of the log was full with the dxc-logstash-apm.out being almost 900 GB which fills the total space.

Is there a way to clear these logs?  The total system transaction per day for this environment is almost 50 hits and our space of 1 TB fills up quickly.  


Release: AXCUMP56500-17.3-App Experience Analytics-Consumer End Users-MSP


Check if "log4j.logger.IntroscopeAgent" in $CA_EMM_HOME/AxC/logstash/apm-logstash-plugin/ is set to DEBUG or VERBOSE.  If so, change that to INFO.  Changes to this are hotconfig and do not require a restart.

Also the settings in these properties can affect the logging as well.

Output of IntroscopeAgent.log and dxc-logstash-apm.out is same.  dxc-logstash-apm.out is getting created from $CA_EMM_HOME/bin/ It is the nohup output.  nohup can be removed from and have logstash handle the log level. 

You can do this by editing  Replace with below line.

bin/logstash --quiet -f $CA_EMM_HOME/AxC/logstash/apm-logstash-plugin/dxc-logstash-apm.conf -l $CA_EMM_HOME/logs/dxc-logstash-apm.out

--quiet can be replaced with --verbose for debugging. 

You can safely delete dxc-logstash-apm.out by stopping APMLOGSTASH plugin service and deleting the file.  After restarting it, the file will be re-created.