Expired Passwords are not Detected by Web Viewer 12.1
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Expired Passwords are not Detected by Web Viewer 12.1


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Output Management Web Viewer


The user's password is expired and they change their password outside of Web Viewer.  Web Viewer does not pick up the expired password and it needs to be reset by an administrator or other authorized person before the use can use Web Viewer.

I can see the user has an entry in VIEW that they logged on but they get the invalid user id or password message in Web Viewer.


Release: Web Viewer 12.1
Component: wbvluw

View 14.0


If  you change an expired password outside of Web Viewer then Web Viewer cannot determine that it was expired.

Here is how to configure whether users can change their password on the Web Viewer login screen:

  • Select the administration tab
  • Select preferences -> general preferences 
  • Under the panel labelled Login/Logout, there are these choices
    These setting affect all users.  Users can only change their external security mainframe passwords. LDAP/EXIT password change is not supported.  If you select Allowed, then users can change their mainframe password through the CA OM Web Viewer login page at anytime. If you select Not allowed, then users will not be able the change their mainframe password with Web Viewer.  If you select Only allowed after password is expired, then users will only be able to change their mainframe password after it is expired.

Confirm Logout

The Confirm Logout option is also on this panel and is a general setting for all of Web Viewer that determines whether users have to confirm their logout. When the option is checked, the user is asked, "Are you sure you want to log off," after clicking the logout button. When the option is turned off, the user does not get a confirmation after clicking log out.

Additional Information

For more detailed information, display the online help by selecting HELP on the screen and search 'set login' in the search box.

Reference the CA Output Management Web Viewer online documentation