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How to Change the Default Connection/Maximum Retries Value for Route via HTTP Assertion


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


We're looking to change the default value of 3 for the Maximum Retries option of the Route via HTTP assertion, but can't seem to find a matching Cluster-Wide Property for it. 

Is there a hidden one? We'd like to change the default behavior globally instead of having to change it for each and every assertion.


Component: APIESM


There is no cluster-wide property or any other variable that can be set to globally override the default Maximum Retries option of the Route via HTTP assertion. 

This has been submitted as an enhancement request: Add cluster-wide property to set default value of the Maximum Retries setting in Route assertions

Additional Information

For more information about the Maximum Retries parameter, see Configuring the [Connection] Tab.