Does VCA6739, delivered in PTF RO97458, require a Database retrofit?


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CA MICS Resource Management


The product description for VCA6739 indicates this maintenance increases the SAS Lengths for many of the Data Elements in the VCA and HSM files.
The checklist does not indicate that a Database Retrofit is needed. Is this correct?

I would have thought this would be required to increase the length of these data elements in the existing databases. 


Component: MICS


Reviewing the VCA6739 solution and associated problem record, there is no mention of a Database retrofit.
Typically, retrofit is only needed if the value of the data is changing .. say changing from Numeric to Character ....or, changing element to EBCDIC .. 

So, to answer your question, no, VCA6739 does not require a retrofit. 

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Product MVCA  
Problem # 104