CA UIM / CABI - Jaspersoft Studio Report Published to Jasper Reports Server (CABI) does not display any data


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We've developed a new complex report with Jaspersoft Studio. The report has subreports and input elements, its working as expected in Jaspersoft Studio but after being published Jaspersoft Reports Server (external CABI 6.3) the report returns empty. 

We defined the data source and all input elements have been correctly created due the publishing. If we run the report within JRS, it prompts for input values, runs for a while and returns empty. No data is displayed and there are no error messages. 


UIM 8.51 
cabi_external probe v3.20 
Jaspersoft Reports Server 6.3.0 
Jaspersoft Studio 6.3.0


We logged into the JRS using our superuser account -> Manage -> Server Settings -> Log Settings and set the following logs to DEBUG: 

- Input control value queries
- SQL query executer

JRS Configuring System Logs -

Re-ran the report and reviewed the jasperserver.log (opt/CA/SharedComponents/CABusinessIntelligence/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/logs) 

After reviewing the jasperserver.log we found that during publishing the two input values were renamed from "Date-from" to "Date_from" and "Date-to" to "Date_to" which JRS does not accept. 

We opened the report via JRS and edited the input values to the correct format, the report now works as expected.