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Error 500 - Internal Server error when filtering for Project/Idea Type in Project/Idea filter views


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


1. Log into the CA PPM. 
2. Click on Projects from within the Home tab Portfolio Management section 
3. Expand the Filter and select a value from the Project Type dropdown. 
4. Repeat for the Idea list clicking on Ideas from within the Home tab Demand Management section. 
5. Expand the Filter and select a value from the Idea Type dropdown. 

Expected Result: A filtered list based on the type will be returned for either the project or idea lists 

Actual Result: The following message is displayed, 'Error 500 - Internal Server Error. The server could not retrieve the document due to server-configuration or other technical problems. Contact your site administrator.' 


This is caused by DE42134


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


This is fixed within and 15.5

1. Take a screenshot of what you see on the idea/project filter view. 
Just to remember the fields on the filter and their labels. 
2. Go to admin > Studio > Views 
3. Filter by object name idea and category filter. Do the same for the project object filter view.
4. You will get one record unless you use partitions where you might have more than one. 
5. Select the checkbox and click on restore defaults. 
6. You will notice that the filter view has changed if you open the View or the Views on the Object
7. You will need to reconfigure the filter view as desired afterwards.