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Baseline Start/Finish dates blank for some tasks. Why?


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On projects that have baselines, there are several tasks that do not show any Baseline Start or Finish dates. Other baseline-related data is also blank.

However other tasks do show baseline data. Why is the data missing on some of the tasks?



Tasks that do show blank baseline data were created after the baseline was taken


Update the existing baseline or create a new baseline.

In order to check if the tasks were created once the baseline existed, query the DB:

SELECT ID, NAME , CREATED_DATE FROM prj_baselines WHERE PROJECT_ID = 5017008 (internal affected projectID)

SELECT PRNAME, CREATED_DATE FROM prtask WHERE prprojectid = 5017008

As you can see by looking at the created_date column. 'taska' was created prior to the baseline and 'taskb' afterward. That is why the 'taskb' baseline related data is blank