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When Saving a project from MSP to PPM, some allocations are changing to unexpected amounts


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When saving a project from MSP to PPM, some allocations are changing to unexpected amounts. Resources and roles have varying availability on the project which causes some dates to push out as expected, but there are also some allocations changing for resources in PPM after the project is exported from PPM to MSP and then saved back to PPM.


Component: PPMMSP


Allocations can change for resources if no Start / Finish date is manually set for the resource on the project's team tab in PPM and the project finish date is pushed out in MSP (example, another resource on the project is only available 37.5 hours to work on a Fixed Work task with 40 hours of ETC can push a task finish date out by a fraction of the next Business day (such as 9:30 am), pushing the Finish date of the project out (and then any team members who's finish dates on the Team tab weren't manually set). This is working as designed in PPM, if no start/finish date is set for a team member, their dates will always default to the project start/finish dates. 


To prevent the allocations from changing, manually set a start/finish date for the resources in the project in PPM. This will keep MSP from pushing out the dates of the resources unexpectedly if they have no tasks assigned out that far, and thus also preventing their allocations from increasing.        

To do this: 
  • In PPM, click on the Team tab for the project 
  • Click on the properties icon for the team member 
  • Enter a Start and Finish Date for the resource under the General section and Save
Note: If you are seeing decimals or unexpected allocation values, change the Start/Finish displays from Day to Day/Time to see if the dates are starting and/or ending at some unusual time (due to one or more resource's availability) such as 9:40 am ET.  (You can also add the time to date fields in MSP as well to cross reference)