Verifying 17.1 and Roll up install.
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Verifying 17.1 and Roll up install.


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There is a project going on where the customer is building many Service Desk Manager servers. Sometimes the customer needs to manipulate different versions because of the upgrading process itself. For example, if upgrading to version 17.1 or applying roll ups, it is normal to find servers with version 17.0 or even version 14.1 at the same network. After having Service Desk Manager installed, the customer would like to have a way to double check what version is being used.

How to double check the installed version of Service Desk Manager 17.1, including rollups?


Service Desk Manager 17.1 and Roll ups


If the media is DVD500000000001054.ISO, for sure you are installing Service Desk Manager 17.1. In order to double check this information, go to the .HIS file and make sure "goa-167 (goa)" is there.

See a .HIS example below:

[Tue Jul 18 10:02:27 2018] - PTF Wizard created this history file.
[Tue Jul 18 10:06:29 2018] - PTF Wizard installed GOA-167_CUM_C (USRD)
[Tue Jul 18 10:07:14 2018] - PTF Wizard installed T6EE263 (USRD)
[Tue Jul 18 10:08:57 2018] - PTF Wizard installed GOA-167_PT_BR (USRD)

On the other hand, the NX.env file shows major and minor versions as 17 and 0, as you can see below:


It happens because 17.1 is a cumulative.

Despite the above, Service Desk Manager 17.1 is installed by virtue of the HIS file update, even though NX.env shows 17 and 0 as major and minor versions. 

For the roll up patches:

This would indicate the presence of 17.1 RU1 in the HIS file
PTF Wizard installed T6EE401 (USRD)
PTF Wizard installed T6EE402 (USRD)
PTF Wizard installed T6EE403 (USRD)

This would indicate the presence of 17.1 RU2 in the HIS file
PTF Wizard installed T6D9410 (USRD)
PTF Wizard installed T6EE470 (USRD)
PTF Wizard installed T6EE473 (USRD)

Additional Information

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