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vmware probe HostMemoryUsage exceeds 100


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


HostMemoryUsage (in % of Memory) collected by the vmware probe exceeds 100%

Why does the HostMemoryUsage (in % of Memory) collected by the vmware probe exceed 100%?


UIM 8.51
vmware probe: all versions through current GA release 6.87


The vmware probe uses the Managed Object (MOB) browser API, which is a separate API designed specifically for other applications to grab metrics from the VMware instance. The probe grabs metrics straight from the MOB.  The reported value is exactly what the VMware server reported, so it's not an issue with the probe.

It is entirely possible that a VM uses more than 100% of its allocated memory at times, VMware allows for that in certain situations, but the OS and vCenter will report something different, because they're measuring the value differently.