Notifications don't appear for some users
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Notifications don't appear for some users


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After creating Notification entries they don't appear in the list of created entries. Users with the Administrator Role should be able to see all Notification entries from all users.

The user that created the entries but can't see them has the Administrator Role assigned.

The user that can see all entries also has the Administrator Role assigned.


All supported CA Performance Management releases


An unknown problem took place at an unknown time that caused users to be out of sync between the Event Manager and Performance Center MySql Databases.

The Performance Center netqosportal DB contains users in the user_definitions table. The Event Manager Data Source synchronizes those users to the same table in its DB, the em DB.

If the user creating the Notification entries is missing an entry in the em DB user_definitions table, this behavior would be the result.


Confirm the user_definitions tables are not in sync with each other to validate that is the cause.

As root or sudo root user that owns the CAPC installation go to (default install path):

Run the following to enter the mysql prompt:
./mysql -uroot -pnetqos

Run the following two queries:
  • select UserID, Name from em.user_definitions; 
  • select UserID, Name from netqosportal.user_definitions;

If the user unable to see all Notifications is not listed in both DB tables, a full synchronization of the Event Manager Data Source should update the DB tables and resolve the problem. To take that step:
  1. Go to Adminstration->Data Sources to bring up the Manage Data Sources page in the CA Performance Center web UI.
  2. Select the Event Manager Data Source
  3. Select the Resync button.
  4. Check the box for "Perform a Full Resynchronization"
  5. Select the Resync button.
Wait 20-30 minutes for the synchronization to have time to complete before checking the results.

Additional Information

If the Notifications continue to be missing something else may be broken. Please engage CA Support for further assistance.