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snmpcollector template filter rules case sensitivity


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Initially added Network routers & switches to snmpcollector directly via Add Profile. Templates worked fine.  But after deleting the profiles and
discovering the devices through discovery_server the templates do not work for Interface profiles.  The only difference is the case of the profiles changes when manually added and when added through the discovery_server.

The interface templates include filter rules for identifying the devices to apply the templates to using the following syntax:

 hostname => [Condition="Contains",Value=""]

The hostname when manually adding the device is
The hostname when this same device is added by querying the discovery_server is

Are the filter rules used in snmpcollector case sensitive?


UIM 8.51
snmpcollector all versions through current GA release 3.43


Filter rules in snmpcollector templates are case sensitive.  If you wish to create a case insensitive rule, you must use REGEX.

For example, to match device hostnames and, create a REGEX rule as follows:

hostname => [Condition="REGEX",Value=".*(?i)abc*"]