Return code of patch content for Windows
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Return code of patch content for Windows


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Applied Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) patch for Windows Server 2008 R2 using Patch Manager to servers without IE11, and then job status was OK despite patch module return -2145124329 in Job Output.

Patch Manager returns error with some patches if target server doesn't have target components of the patch.
How does Patch Manager handle return code?


Client Automation / Patch Manager All version


Return code of Windows patches depend on the specification of patch module provided by Microsoft.
However, Patch Manager assumes some return code as success by DMS script in patch content.

You can see the script on Patch Manager. Navigate [Patch] tab > [Install] menu > Select number under [Steps].
Some patches handle following return code as success. This situation is not only IE11 patch but also most of other patches.
Return CodeStatus
0   Success
3010 Success - Required Reboot
17025  Already applied
-2145124329  Not applicable
2359302  Already applied

This behavior is per product design.