Would disabling CEM Transaction Traces affect the availability of CEM Metrics?
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Would disabling CEM Transaction Traces affect the availability of CEM Metrics?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We have recently disabled the Customer Experience Manager (CEM) transaction traces in our CA APM monitoring environment, by following the steps mentioned in this Knowledge Article.

Will this impact/disable the Customer Experience Manager (CEM) metrics as well?


CA Application Performance Management 10.x


In general, CA APM has two types of integration:

  • Problem resolution triage -- lets you analyze the root cause of problems by using correlated transaction information. If you want problem resolution triage, configure the workstations and transaction traces.
  • Customer experience metrics -- provides regular updates on volume, errors, and average response times for business transactions. If you want customer experience metrics, configure the TIM Collection Service. These settings allow you to configure the Collector and to enable metrics collection on each TIM.

You can use both integration features, or only one, depending on what you need in your business environment.

Disabling CEM transaction traces generated through the Problem resolution triage integration, will not affect the reporting of Customer Experience Manager metrics generated through the RTTM Collection Service (a child service of the TIM Collection Service).

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