XML Export self-closing tags vs. omitting tags in output


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When we export data based on an .xsd that has many nullable elements in some cases the product outputs for data elements that have no value, and in some cases it simply omits the tag (correct behavior in our case because these are not required elements). This appears to happen for specific elements 'always' and we have confirmed they are 'null' in what we are generating, other 'null' elements always simply skip any output of the optional xml element.  We are expecting the output to be consistently having the tags not outputted or NULL objects.


TDM Portal 4.5


TDMWeb- resolves this issue.  Please contact CA Suppor for this or a later version.  If you are installing a GA version after 17 July 2018, please contact CA Support to verify that this fix made it into the GA version that yo are going to install.

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