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DevTest - Java Virtual Services Are Not Working in the ITR


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CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


I have created a java based Virtual Service using the DevTest agent.
The creation and deployment of the Virtual Service worked as expected.
However, no request are received by the Virtual Service when using the ITR.


All supported DevTest Versions


A Java based Virtual Service will send and receive Serialized Java Objects, not text based messages that most other Virtual Services send and receive.

When the Virtual Service is deployed, the agent is notified which Classes/Methods should be re-routed to the VSE. Only the agent can re-route this traffic. Hence, there is no way to directly access the Java Virtual Service from the ITR.

However, depending on your environment, using the ITR you may be able to make a SOAP (or other type) of call that will envoke the necessary calls into the JVM where the agent is installed. This will allow the agent to re-route the call to the VSE. 

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