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In form designer ,  when clicking  the form which has the table in it ,   we get the following error   on everything we click in that form :

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In catalog 17.1  rolllup1 patch ,  in order to  improve the performance issue relating to the table in the  form   when the table is   populated   by using report data object plugin  , it  requires  to set the "Page Size" attribute  of  table  with the value ,  It cannot be empty or 0 

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If the "Page Size" attribute of the table  is set as empty or 0   ,  it will pop up that error when the table   has the  report object plugin  in it  


catalog   ( i.e.    catalog 17.1 with rollup1 patch applied ) 


A quick  workaround for this issue  is   to  give or set  "Page Size" attribute of table with a value   (  for example :  5 or 10  or  default 50  , etc  )  when  having report data object populating table in a form.    

In next cumulative patch ,  the engineering team will correct it .  i.e   it will not pop up that error message  when  "page size" attribute of the table  is set as empty  and table is using report data object .   However ,  we recommend you to set the "Page Size"  attribute of table with specific value when you want to use report data object to populate the table  so that to avoid the performance issue relating to it  , especially when  the table is populated with large amount of data via report data object  


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