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how to verify responses in splunk using devtest


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We have the requirement wherein the response need to be verified on a third party tool like Splunk. Can we do this with CA Dev Test?


All supported DevTest Environments


There is no Splunk add-on or specialization with DevTest to support this out-of-box. However, it is possible to build a JSR step to execute a Splunk query to retrieve the data.One would need the Splunk JAR files, a login account within Splunk and an understanding of the query and query syntax that needs to be constructed. When the query responds with information, the JSR step logic would need to parse the query response and manually validate the information.


Additional Information

For more information, research the following classes for the implementation:
com.splunk.Job, com.splunk.JobArgs, com.splunk.ResultsReaderXml, com.splunk.Service, com.splunk.ServiceArgs, com.splunk.SSLSecurityProtocol
 The Splunk login information would include the Host Server, user name, password, and port. It is likely that some sort of security protocol would need to be established for the login – probably TLSv1 or higher. Once logged in, some type of Splunk query would be executed using Splunk query syntax (index, source, context, etc. The query result would be returned in some type of reader (i.e., ResultsReaderXml) and the information would need to be extracted.
Once extracted, the information could then be validated against the business requirements.