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Using logmon to capture output of a command and alarm if a port (or any string) is Not Found


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This particular use case explains how to configure the logmon probe in command mode to run a netstat command and configure an alert against the output (whether a port is found or not).

We need to monitor to see whether a UDP port is open and listening on a Linux robot.  If the port/string is not present, we want to raise a Critical Alarm.


  • UIM 8.5.1 or higher
  • logmon 3.90 or higher
  • Linux Robot


1- Identify the appropriate command (sample below) to see if a port or service (or string) is present or NOT present.  

This example looks for 'radius'.  If found, it will print: "Found Radius".  If NOT found, it will return: "No Radius".

   if netstat -a | grep -qi "radius"; then echo Found Radius; else echo No Radius; fi

Validate that the command returns the expected output.  Use a bogus string if necessary to test the failure case.  For example, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1:

2- Deploy the "logmon" probe to the robot you want to monitor.

3- Using the IM or admin console, configure a new 'command' profile.  Use the command above as the command in the profile, for example as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2:

4- Create a new 'Watcher Rule' on the Watcher Rules tab as shown in Figure 3.  Use the appropriate string returned by the command above.

Figure 3:

5- For testing purposes, you may edit the string in the command to a bogus string, for example:

   if netstat -a | grep -qi "radius123"; then echo Found Radius; else echo No Radius; fi

to validate the alarm is generated.  You can also create a "good case" Informational alarm as shown in Figure 4.

Additional Information

The message in the logmon.log file: "Unable to open logmon.dta file"  is not an issue and will appear in a working environment.

Logmon Probe Documentation


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