Can the tablespace data files for the SCM database be created in a non-default location?


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Our DBA has a specific folder structure for Oracle data files that is not the default location.  Is there a way to have the SCM HDBSetup utility create the SCM tablespaces in the DBA's preferred folder rather than the default folder location?


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Yes.  During the "CR" task, HDBSetup will ask for your preferred names for the data files associated with the 3 SCM tablespaces.  You can accept the default names that you find in the square brackets for each file name, or specify your own.  If you want the data files to be saved to an alternate location, you should specify the folder path as well as the file name.

Enter 'Meta' tablespace file path and name [HarvestMeta.ora]: 

Enter 'Blob' tablespace file path and name [HarvestBlob.ora]: 

Enter 'Index' tablespace file path and name [HarvestIndex.ora]: 

Additional Information

If HDBSetup finds that the tablespaces have already been created, it will use the data files for your tablespaces in their current location.  Anything you specify as far as a new name or location for the data files will be ignored.