Flowdock - iPhone App Connects to Rally instead of Flowdock


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CA Flowdock


The customer is trying to connect to Flowdock using the iOS app. He is using iOS 11.4.1. When he tries to log in to the Flowdock app, it redirects him to the Agile Central (Rally) page. How can this be resolved?


Component: FLODOC


1. On your computer/phone open a browser window and navigate to www.flowdock.com/reset and enter your Flowdock email address/username (ex. [email protected]). This will send you an email to reset/create a password for your Flowdock account. Follow the instructions to create a password. 

2. After you have've created a Flowdock password, navigate to your Flowdock app.

3. Enter your Flowdock username and password and select the "Login" button (not the "login using CA Agile Central Button"). You should be taken to Flowdock after this.