How can I connect an uncompressed hub 7.80 to a compressed 7.93 hub
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How can I connect an uncompressed hub 7.80 to a compressed 7.93 hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We need a procedure on how we can install a v7.80 hub which must setup a tunnel to a v7.93 hub which has tunnel compression enabled,
where the v7.80 has NO connectivity to the UIM environment, apart from the tunnel that must be setup to the aggregation hub.
How can this be done?

With the release of hub 7.93 you can not compress the data that is sent over the tunnel with hub.cfg key settings.
the hub compression setting are not backward compatible to the hub 7.80 or earlier version.
If this is enabled all hubs connecting must be using hub 7.93 or newer.



UIM 9.0 and earlier
hub 7.93 and earlier


With this issue you really have only a couple choices currently:

1) on your aggregate hub or tunnel server leave compression disabled so that the hub 7.80 hubs can connect
2) setup a staging aggregate hub that does not have compression. You then make your initial connection to this staging hub with the 7.80. update the robot and hub to 7.93 and then move it to the final aggregate hub.
3) install IM locally to the new hub and import the 7.93 robot and hub into the archive and update them before creating the tunnel to the compressed hub.