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Case Management not allowing two CSRs to manage same case


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


The maximum duration for which a case remains exclusively assigned to a CSR viewing the case in the Console.

The case remains to be locked by a user for 60 minutes. 

The scenario is if a CSR creates a new case for an user and does not close it, then the next CSR can open the same case after 60 minutes.
This also holds good if a CSR opens an existing case, another CSR agent would not be able to access that case for 60 minutes.
Help required to see if this value of 60 mins can be reduced to a lower value.?


Applicable for all env's


To configure CA Risk Authentication properties:

  1. Ensure that you are logged in as a GA.
  2. Activate the Organizations tab.
  3. Under the Manage Organizations section, click the Search Organization link to display the Search Organization page.
  4. Enter the complete or partial information of the organization you want to search and click the Search button.
    A list of organizations matching the search criteria appears.
  5. Under the Organization column, click the <ORGANIZATION_NAME> link for the required organization.
    The Organization Information page appears.
  6. Activate the CA Risk Authentication Configuration tab.
  7. Under the General CA Risk Authentication Configurations section, click the Miscellaneous Configurations link. The Miscellaneous Configurations page appears.
  8. From the Select Channel list, select the following channel and reduce the value based on your requirement.
Maximum Duration for Which the Case is Exclusively Assigned to a 
CSR Before it is Available for Reassignment (in Seconds)
Default: 3600 seconds
It indicates The maximum duration for which a case remains exclusively assigned to a CSR viewing the case in the Console.

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