How to remove hung processes via JMX
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How to remove hung processes via JMX


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


There are certain scenarios where sometime due to some technical reason the processes hung during execution. Such processes keep on executing but doesn't proceed any further.

Such process/es which are hung impedes the agents execution ability which are participating in execution of those hung process/es and henceforth as an Administrator it is required to clean the system and free it blocked resources. Some of the most common known scenarios are listed below.

  • Process/es owned by some other users and left unattended
  • Process/es hung during execution when some agents goes through a restart


CA Release Automation: 6.*


The listed step can be performed by an administrator using JMX console exposed for administrative managements.

 Steps to remove hung or halted process/es

  1. Navigate to JMX console expose by default on port 20203 (it can be different port in your environment). The URL to access same will be 
  2. It will prompt for login, please login using the administrative username and password  (default nolio\nolio) configured in your environment
  3. Post successful login find the method listAllRuns or listActiveRuns on invoking either of these method will give you list of processes along with their numeric job id.
  4. You can identify the process/es by their name or by status like Failed_paused or Running (long duration) and keep their respective job id's
  5. Find methods listed below and invoke them passing appropriate expected parameters, which on success will then remove the relevant process from the system
    • removeProcessRun : it remove only one process and only take single job id
    • removeProcessRuns : it remove multiple processes and can take multiple job id's separated by comma

Additional Information

In case if the JMX default port is not enabled in your environment, you can verify which port is configured for JMX by accessing file on path <ReleaseAutomationInstallDir>\webapps\datamanagement\WEB-INF  and look for text jmx.web.console.port.The port number mentioned here will be the port where JMX is exposed.