Changes to Requisition on Allocation
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Changes to Requisition on Allocation


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What is the purpose of the ‘Has Requisitions’ field in the Team page of a project?


Component: ODRSM


The ‘Has Requisitions’ field is just a simple Boolean field indicating yes or no for the existence of a requisition created for the resource or role.
Use the ‘Has Requisitions’ field PLUS ‘Request Status’ field to see the progress of the requisitions in the TEAM list.
If ‘Has Requisitions’ = NO – ignore the ‘Request Status’ field. No requisitions are tied to the resource or role.
If ‘Has Requisitions’ = YES – look at ‘Request Status’ field to determine if the requisition is filled or not.
A user can go into the TEAM, Requisitions list to see all requisitions for the current investment.
Alternatively, there is a place in Home menu – Resource Management: Resource Requisitions which lists requisitions for all investments.