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Client Tool Load Data Fails


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We are getting the below exception while saving our config data in the database. 

CHARACTERSET UTF16 infile \\hostname\\BulkTempDirectory\EUREKI~1.TBL append into table DataTypes fields terminated by " " optionally enclosed by '"' ( DATATYPEID , DATATYPENAME CHAR(256) )

To attempt and work around this we tried to use the sample file that comes with the installer but we see the same behavior.


Identity Governance Client Tools


Disabled bulk insert and import looks correct.

To use bulk insert:
Using the wrong version of Oracle Client, which was causing the error. 
The Client must be the exact same version as the DB.
After upgrading the oracle client from R12c Release 1 to release 2 , I was able to run the SQLLDR which the GM client tool utilize to load data through the bulk loader. 


SQL*Loader: Release - Production on Thu Aug 30 09:35:02 2018 

Copyright (c) 1982, 2017, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 

After this I am able to run the bulk loader using client utility.