Are DevTest Certificates Delivered Self-Signed?
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Are DevTest Certificates Delivered Self-Signed?


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Are the default certificates provided with DevTest are 'Self-Signed'?

If yes, can we get valid certificates and procedures to use them?


Component: ITKOTF


1. Yes, the certificates we deliver with DevTest are self signed. By default, a self-signed certificate encrypts and decrypts the messages between components in DEVTEST and Service endpoints. VSE also uses this certificate when recording https:// style web traffic.

 The certificate is in the LISA_HOME\webreckeys.ks file.

2. Yes, you can get your company issued certificates .  

Create a signed CA Cert  for the Server  that has   IAM , Registry, VSE , portal, Broker.Coordinator, Simulator .  Make sure you use the FQDN and Short  names  for the Domain name.    The keystore and trustStore will need to have the entire needed certificate chain (root, intermediate, server). 


Additional Information

You can refer to the following product documentation:

SSL Certificates