How can I migrate or move from CAsdgtw to sdgtw?
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How can I migrate or move from CAsdgtw to sdgtw?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are having problems running CAsdgtw against Servicedesk 14.1.
We need to move to sdgtw because CAsdgtw  only supports Servicedesk up to version 12.9.
How is the move accomplished as the configuration files are completely different?


Component: UIMSDG


In order to support servicedesk 14.1 the sdgtw probe must be deployed.
Unfortunately, there is no 1 to 1 correspondence between configuring the casdgtw and sdgtw probes.
The first probe only works for the CA SDM service desk application whereas the second one was designed to work with multiple service desk applications. You need to reconfigure your CA SDM connection, field mappings, and Priority/Severity/Urgency mappings for the sdgtw probe in addition to the general probe setup parameters.
To define the connection to your CA SDM service desk application that you are integrated with in the casdgtw probe, you need to expand the Available Service Desks node in the left-hand pane of the sdgtw Configure Page from Admin Console.
Select the CA Service Desk Manage node in the left-hand pane. Then in the right-hand pane configure your connection parameters to your CA SDM service desk application and define your field mappings as well as your Priority, Severity, and Urgency mappings between UIM alarm severity to CA SDM for each of these categories.
Once you switch over from using the casdgtw probe to the sdgtw probe, any incident ticket opened in CA SDM that is still not Resolved or Closed will remain open. You will need to manually close/resolve these incident tickets in CA SDM. Any UIM alarm that is still active when you start processing alarms with the sdgtw probe will generate new/duplicate incident tickets in CA SDM.
Unfortunately, the sdgtw probe was not designed to synchronize UIM alarms/service desk incident tickets when you swith over from using one service desk gateway probe to the sdgtw probe.
The steps for migrating from casdgtw to sdgtw are as follows:
- Deploy the sdgtw probe
- Deactivate casdgtw probe
- Configure sdgtw probe to connect to the same CA SDM that casdgtw is connected to (that includes the connection parameters and all mappings)
- Resolve/Close incident tickets opened in CA SDM by the casdgtw probe (any incident with an open date/time prior to when casdgtw was shutdown)
This will result in duplicate incident tickets in CA SDM for UIM alarms that are still active at the time that you switch over from casdgtw to sdgtw. Unfortunately, this cannot be helped with the current design of all of the Service Desk gateway probes.
Please be sure to carefully read the entire sdgtw AC Configuration Wiki document at the following link: to make sure that you properly configure the probe before it starts processing UIM alarms to generate tickets in your CA SDM service desk application. Ideally, you should first set this up in a development UIM environment to assure that you have the sdgtw probe configuration settings required to meet your needs prior to deploying this in your production environment.