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AE - AWI touchscreen PC, clicking on objects doesn't un-select previous selection


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In AWI, when I click on an object in the right panel, the previous selection is not unselected.
For example,if I click on 3 objects (without holding CTRL button), all 3 will be selected (highlighted).
This issue doesn't happen in non-touchscreen devices.
Why does it happen?


The problem is that using the AWI with a touch device installed different events are generated when using the AWI on a computer without a touch device.
At the moment the AWI is not optimized for touchscreens.


Component: AAUTEN


You can disable this behavior in chrome by opening chrome://flags/#touch-events and setting "Touch events api" to disabled.
After that the select will work one by one.