Health Report "Date Format" warning on CA PPM 15.2


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From CA PPM Administration, Health Report, Database, Database Parameters, there is a Red status against 'Access to V$PARAMETER' category. 

The recommendation says 'Yes' and the value is 'No'.
The Tool Tip on Red status says Grant Select on V$PARAMETER to database. 

Access was granted, but then a new red flag comes up:

Database Parameters, Date Format 
  • Value = DD-MON-RR 
  • Recommended = YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS 

What needs to be done in this scenario?

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Health Report V$PARAMETER red flag

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Health Report Date Format red flag



CA PPM 15.2 On-Premise or SaaS


The five "Invalid Database Objects" reported in the Health Report on CA PPM 15.2 may be ignored as per this Knowledge Document: 

Health Report shows invalid database objects 

The correction to the flag "Access to V$PARAMETER"  should be left in place.

That leaves only the following issue: 

Database Parameters, Date Format 
  • Value = DD-MON-RR 
  • Recommended = YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS 

This is caused by DE34600, which has been corrected in CA PPM 15.3. 

DE34600 - PPMOP_15.2_DEFECT - Health report -nls_date_format wrong 

1. Install CA PPM 15.2 on Oracle, make sure the database 'instance' parameter for nls_date_format is set correctly (e.g. 'alter system set nls_date_format='YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS scope=spfile' then restart Oracle) 
2. Grant the PPM schema in Oracle the following permission: grant select on v_$parameter to 
3. Login to the CSA and run the health check report 
4. Observe that the date format receives a pass 
5. Login to the PPM app as 'admin' 
6. Navigate to Administration > Health Report 
7. Navigate to the Database tab 
8. Observe the Value and result for date format 

Expected Results: Value should report 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS' and the result should be a pass (green diamond) 

Actual Results: Value reports something like 'DD-MON-RR' and the result is a fail (red diamond) 

Workaround: Use the result from the CSA. 


All customers
Upgrade to a newer release if possible, as the issue is resolved from CA PPM 15.3 onwards.

On-Premise customers
Please run through the Steps 1 - 4 above. If you receive a "Pass" within CA, then this is a Pass overall. 

The red flags that you see via running the Health Report in CA PPM directly are false, and are corrected from CA PPM 15.3 and above.

SaaS customers
As for On-Premise customers, the flags are probably a false result and may be safely ignored.

If you wish to check that your setup is correct though, please contact CA Support and we will check within the CA PPM "CSA" component that the setting is correct there.
This will not change the result in the CA PPM 15.2 Health Report, but it will confirm that the underlying setting is correct and that the results may be safely ignored.


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