Generators - Fails to Validate calculated columns from foreign tables.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When you have multiple tables in a generator as follows:
Table1 - contains Columns 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E
Table2 - may contain many columns but we only care for now about 1 of them call it 2A

In the generator for Table1 I have to set
Column 1E = @sum(^1A^,^1B^,^1C^,^1D^)@

In table2 I need Column 2A to be the value of Table1 column 1E as follows ^Table1.1E^ -

However that won't validate because when it goes to validate it fails and claims invalid column reference for the fields in Table1 definition.  If I change the generator in Table1 Column 1E to
that fails to validate in Table1 portion of the generator because the product doesn't allow you to reference the table name when you are referencing columns in the local table. The only work-around for this is to re-implement the equation from Table1 Column 1E in Table2 Column 2A as follows "@sum(^Table1.1A^,^Table1.1B^,^Table1.1C^,^Table1.1D^)@"


TDM 4.5

Resolution resolves this issue.  Please contact CA Suppor for this or a later version.  If installing a GA Version after 16 July 2018, please contact CA Support to verify that this fix is in the GA you are going to use. 

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