How to disable extra logging in XPSSweeper logs.


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- Looking at XPSSweeper logs we might notice they appear to be very large in size with extra data. In looking at the extra data, it appears there is some type of additional trace setting being executed even though in the end it reports no errors. 

- Why is the " XPSSWeeper " command writing out a large log file with extra trace Information?


Component: SMPLC


- If you run the XPSSWeeper command with xTrace enabled, the XPSSweeper prints all the trace Information like " trace Federation transactions ", " trace XPS transactions ", and " audit log " Information

- If you check at " XPS.cfg " file (\CA\siteminder\config location) and from " XPS.cfg " file you can find out either " xTrace " is enabled or not. 

- You can see this " CA.XPS::$xTrace= " line in the " XPS.cfg " file If " xTrace " is enabled. 

- If you disable/turn off the " xTrace " and If you run the XPSSWeeper command again you won't get any extra trace Information in the XPSSWeeper log.

For more Information about xTrace kindly review the below document: