How to reset Global Admin Password and Manage all organizations?
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How to reset Global Admin Password and Manage all organizations?


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This document explains how to reset a Global Admin password via the Master Admin Console. Also, point to a essential fact that a Global Admin in a one Organization can be configured to Manage All Organizations. Allowing such an Admin to generate reports for users in any other organization. 

How to reset Global Admin Password and set the Global Admin to Manage all organizations ? 


CA Strong Authentication Admin UI


Please follow the below instructions to Reset the Global Admin password.

1. Login in as Master Admin - example http://<Hostname>:<PortNo>/arcotadmin/masteradminlogin.htm
2. Pull up the Global Admin via "Users and Administrator" and double click on the Global Admin / Organization combination. 
3. Click on "Edit" 
4. Click on "Update Administrator Details" 
5. Set the new Password for the Global Admin 
6. Check the "All Organizations" box under "Manages" allowing the Global Admin to generate Reports for all Organizations including LDAP Organizations. 
7. Logout as MA 
8. Login as Global Admin -example http://<Hostname>:<PortNo>/arcotadmin/adminlogin.htm (Ensure when logging in that the Organization for the Global Admin is correctly specified) 
9. Once logged in as Global Admin one can generate Reports for any Organization 


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