Illegal access to the viewer please use a valid url


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After restart the server where CABI was installed, CABI reports cannot be executed anymore. When they are selected, message displayed is:

"Illegal access to the viewer, please use a valid url"


Problem faced in restart Server.


CABI 4.x


Review that CABI servers had started rightly. It could be done through CMC or CCM:

Via Central Management Console:
-Open CMC
-Go Servers

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Via Central Configuration Manager
-Open CCM
-Go Manage Servers

<Please see attached file for image>

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-Review the server are running and enable

If any server is not running:

1) Review logs to search the source of the problem:
<CABI_Install_Dir>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise\logging

2) Clean up work tomcat space
   -Use Central configuration Manager (CCM) to stop Tomcat and SIA
   -drop directorios found under
   -Use Central configuration Manager (CCM) to start Tomcat and SIA



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