Jobs stay in "State=Execution Order Staged"
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Jobs stay in "State=Execution Order Staged"


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Jobs directed to a specific Scalability Server will not be executed. The status for this jobs is "Execution Order Staged". This happens also for jobs to agents reporting to this Scalability Server. However, staging jobs to the Scalability Server in question will succeed.


There are various roots that may lead to jobs with the state "Execution Order Staged" 

a) Network connectivity issue
b) Network traffic
c) Scalability Server being busy
d) No. of simultaneously executing jobs exceeding the maximum limit.
e) Sessions to the SS exceeding the maximum limit
f) Different date/time settings for DM and SS



CA Client Automation - All Versions


See the below TecDocs for more insight into specific problems in this area

Ensure, that the date/time (locale) on the DM and SS are in sync (keep different timezones in mind)

Increasing the jobcheck retry timeout may help
The configuration policy to look at are under "DSM->Software Delivery->Agent"
Communication: Maximum number of retries (Windows)
Communication: Maximum number of seconds to retry

Changing the connection from UDP to TCP for this server: 25876

Bulk mode problem: 6358